Professional HairCare Products
from J T Speaks

S y s t e m
D e s i g n
by Hayashi

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From foundation and structure
to finished art...

A complete range of design tools
for the ultimate transformation.

Texture, form,
hold and shine...

The utmost combination
of progressive tools
systemized for
creative application


The Flag Ship
of the System Design Line.
Quikk is a Fast Drying, Working Hairspray.
Quikk's clean, fast dry formula adds volume and
shine as it protects. Use Quikk Spray to Style or finish.

10oz..$12.95 (US Ground Only)


Triple Play
is a Strong Hold,
Volumizing and Conditioning Mousse.
Triple play mousse can be used to blow dry,
air dry, style or set. Controls and adds shine.

7oz..$12.50(US Ground Only)


Volume +
is a firm texture - design mist.
Volume + is ideal for instant volumizing
and any style that requires fast finishing.
Conditions and protects containing sun screens.



Uncurl smoothing glaze
Keeps your hair straight.
Uncurl is a humidity resistant styling creme
that helps keep waves, curl and friss straight.
Smooths and tames relaxed, course, unruly hair.
Improving the hair's body, texture and shine.


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Professional HairCare Products